Instant supplements for auto body

SuppIt is a comprehensive smartphone and tablet app that allows technicians to report supplements to office staff quickly and easily. SuppIt can improve throughput by as much as 18% with less than a day's time for integration. Integration is simple, easy, and cheap due to the quality and ease of navigation within the app. SuppIt can utilize any existing smartphone or tablet that is internet connected which limits cost and improves cycle times.

Estimators love SuppIt because it streamlines the supplement process for body shops and allows technicians to stay focused on your clients vehicles with limited to no downtime. SuppIt allows estimators to snap photos with a smartphone or tablet. Our photo system is compliant with major insurance DRP programs. SuppIt adds line tags and time stamps to photos allowing for faster supplement processing for the shop and insurance company.

SuppIt can be used by a wide range of users within the automotive field. Used car buyers can put SuppIt in the hands of their inspectors to allow for a quick and easy way to report any damage to the vehicle during the inspection process. Auto rental companies can use SuppIt to quickly document damage to their automobiles for billing and estimating purposes. You can send the information using our patented process allowing for a printable form including notes and photos that are tagged to each part or repair necessary.